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#1 2015-01-26 04:56:03

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XBox v. PS1 Elimination

A little game I came up with smile

XBox and PS1 both start with 10 points.  Each poster will remove 2 points from 1 console, and add a point to another console.  Once every console execpt one has reached 0 points, the console with points left wins.  But there's a twist!  Once a console wins, the person who finished the game off chooses a NEW console to put into play, then you restart!  Example:

XBox: 8 (-2)
PS1: 11 (+1)

XBox: 9 (+1)
PS1: 9 (-2)

XBox: 10 (+1)
PS1: 7 (-2)

insert more posts here

XBox: 12 (+1)
PS1: 1 (-2)

XBox: 13 (+1)
PS1: 0 (-2)
PS1 wins!  New console is N64!

XBox: 10
PS1: 8 (-2)
N64: 11 (+1)

and so on and so on and so on...

Consoles that were added before stay added, so eventually you'll have a lot of consoles like PS1, PS2, PS4, 3DS, XBone, NES, Atari.

Please post in the same format as the example.

Let'zzzzzz gooooOoO!

XBox: 8 (-2)
PS1: 11 (+1)


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