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#1 2014-08-03 14:43:47

From: France
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FluxBB 2.0 "state of art"


@Franz and other devs,
What about creating a topic "Infos on 2.0", or even a forum "Awaiting 2.0" ?

We ALL NEED INFOS about 2.0 developpement… big_smile
Theses can be found in different topics and posts (like answers to questions), but it will be COOL to have a unique point to retrieve theses infos. smile

With this forum, u could calm down ur fans, having a place to announce (different than official announcement place, just a premium one), and 'take the temp' for some features - testing way, what are the comments. => U already saw u have a community behind u. Use it !! wink
- Create this "2.0" forum. (or anything like)
- Move the discussions already taggued 2.0 into this.
- and MAKE POSTS !! Something like "i've just corrected the bug prevented the moderator to…", or ''i've cleaned the code, some typos…", is BETTER than NOTHING. wink

=> The main point is ; We need infos… And U need infos from us… SO : let's get it up !!! big_smile

That's my (today-)2 cents to the project (well, i'm now at several dollars… lol wink).


#2 2014-08-03 15:25:26

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Re: FluxBB 2.0 "state of art"

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#3 2014-08-03 19:46:17

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Re: FluxBB 2.0 "state of art"

What's the problem with clicking "Development" in the menu? Brings you to a feed right away.

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#4 2014-08-04 13:19:37

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Re: FluxBB 2.0 "state of art"

I'm pretty sure Mpok knows about the development page. smile

I agree that we've been a little quiet about 2.0, although we've been making progress. I had the idea of making a status announcement in the back of my head for a while, but probably won't be able to write it before going on vacation in two days (yay!). That said, maybe a little development blog-type thing would be cool where I post about architectural decisions etc. from time to time? | develoPHP

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#5 2014-08-27 23:41:38

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Re: FluxBB 2.0 "state of art"

Franz wrote:

maybe a little development blog-type thing would be cool where I post about architectural decisions etc. from time to time?

definitely +1 (but I'd use the announcement section)


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