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#1 2014-03-05 10:46:33

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Avatar type


Would be grat if forum admin can choose avatar type, if active, in v2.0.

Now I see only upload function, can you add "insert link of avatar" loaded in other hosting?

So user have 1 input: URL of your image, and I can put in ""..

Additionally, is good if can chosee also type of image format (some input with jpg, png, gif -> checked/unchecked)

Edit2: And add min-values of image on upload (now there are only max-width/height), on upload you can ask to user if he want to resize image by system (if bigger than max value, reduce it proportional, the same if is smaller than min-value).

Or give admin input to set width and height (precise dimensions to make uniform the vision of the avatars).


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#2 2014-03-05 18:09:20

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Re: Avatar type

I think I don't want to build this into core (there are too many things that could be done with avatars), but the ideas are great, would be a really cool extension! | develoPHP

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