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Ticket #971 (open enhancement)

Change default name of default forum and category to be more useful

  • Created: 2014-05-12 18:49:12
  • Reported by: Studio384
  • Assigned to: None
  • Milestone: 2.0-alpha5
  • Component: usability
  • Priority: normal

Currenlty, when a new forum is set, we create a new category and a new forum, called "New category" and "New forum" respectivly. This is kind of pointless, no single forum would ever use a category and forum named like that. So, I think it's a good idea to change those default names to "General" and "Announcements", respectivly, as these category name and forum name seem very commonly used. Or of course anything else.


Franz 2014-05-13 05:47:00

  • Component changed from javascript to usability.
  • Milestone set to 2.0-alpha5.

Sure, good point.